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Located in a converted heritage building in the centre of town, the award winning Daylesford Day Spa creates a unique philosophy and nature-based experience for all their clients. Every aspect promotes their ‘The art of relaxation’, and it is experience you will remember for a long time to come.

You’ll discover an earthy and harmonious ambience is coupled with a total commitment to providing the perfect environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness.

Daylesford Day Spa offers an extensive range of therapies including Jurlique Facials, Rose Milk Baths, Hepburn Mud Treatments containing a blend of powerful minerals for a highly beneficial health and beauty treatment, and truly amazing Stone or Bamboo Therapies for total mind-body wellness to name just a few. Every one of their treatments is all designed so you enjoy deep and lasting benefits.

Click the link below to visit Daylesfor Day Spa or view the massage packages below and make a direct enquiry…

Relaxation Stone Massage 1.5 Hrs.

Let us take you on a journey of pure relaxation. Melt away your everyday stresses and worries with our hot stone massage.

Mon- Fri : $200
Sat, Sun & PH’s : $210

Herbal Hot Oil Massage 1.5 Hrs. 

A beautiful massage using warm oil blends, that also includes a body brushing to remove dead skin cells, and a full body moisturise. This treatment will leave your skin beautifully soft and silky smooth.

Mon- Fri :  $200
Sat, Sun & PH’s : $210

Deep Tissue Massage 1 Hr.

Our remedial massage relieves sore, aching muscles by concentrating on the areas of your body which have developed tenderness and knots.

Mon- Fri :  $140
Sat, Sun & PH’s :  $150

Full Body Relaxation Massage 1 Hr. / 1.5 Hrs.

Relieve built-up stress and tension with our full body relaxation massage.

Mon- Fri :  $125 (1 Hr.) /  $195 (1.5 Hrs.)
Sat, Sun & PH’s :  $135 (1 Hr.) /  $205 (1.5 Hrs.)

‘Mums to Be’ Massage-Pure Precious Candle 1 Hr.

Our nurturing prenatal massage uses a special pregnancy massage table to maximise your comfort throughout the duration of your massage. This natural, warm oil massage will increase circulation, boost hydration, support skin elasticity & assist in the reduction of stretch marks and scarring.

Mon- Fri : $140
Sat, Sun & PH’s : $150

*Please note: Not recommended during your first trimester – talk with our highly experienced team to discuss your other options.

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